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Kismetwali & Other Stories


"Impressive debut.... fellow Indian writer Jhumpa Lahiri's influence can be seen in the abrupt, twist endings."   


~ Kirkus Reviews


Set against the backdrop of modern-day India, Kismetwali and Other Stories places the reader amidst circumstances that transcend place, purse, and prestige. This octet of novellas offers a rare glimpse into the parallel lives of the privileged and penniless, converging on those astonishing moments when free will intercepts fate and the rigid divide between social classes is rendered insignificant. Each narrative showcases walas and walis of the working class—the common yet essential purveyors of goods and providers of service—as empowered individuals who take center stage. 


A dash of noir style ("The gathering darkness, the subtle drop in temperature, and the salty-sweet whiffs of ocean breeze created the illusion of cleanliness in a place where there was little to be found") adds spice to many of these stories."  Read complete review.

Kirkus Reviews


The stories are full of insights into human nature, written with compassion and a strong feel for character.

Ruskin Bondaward-winning author of Room on the Roof

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