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We are we are

We are the power

Children of today

Innocent, decent

Honest in play

We think before we speak

About things we say

We’ve come together

Like never before

To bind tight

All that you tore

It’s now it’s now


To heal our nation

Every gunshot every wound.

I am here today

You came before me

And they before you

Together we care

About the air you breathe

You breathe my air

And the blood within

Spills the same

We must fight in unison

Not in independent disillusion

Get in step

Let’s get this right

We must fight the fight

For our great nation

A bastion of freedom

Where people come

From every nation

To be together

To play the game

That has only

One name.




It’s time come alive

Complaining is easy

Do more, do something

That’s the dare

Do something, do better

Rise up

Rise up

If you care.


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